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Between 1700 BC and 100 AD, the Greeks and Romans created our first modern day toilets. No AD doesn’t stand for after dumping and BC doesn’t stand for before crapping. 

Is it to muffle farts? Give off scents to potential mates? A conspiracy lead by the waxing and razor com
I constantly think about the scene in American Hustle where Jennifer Lawrence is sitting at the dinner table making everyone smell her nail polish. She boasts that she and her husband can’t get enough of the scent because it’s “sweet and sour, rotten and delicious.” Jeremey Renner eagerly takes a sniff when she offers him her hand and says, “It’s like flowers” to which Lawrence excitedly replies, “Yeah but with garbage!” 
What’s written in the stars about your bathroom style? Probably nothing, but these horoscopes are pretty funny.