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Why You'll Love Bippy


Eco-luxurious without a single tree being cut.

Pro Planet

Helping preserve our forests one butt at a time.


Tested on human butts,
not animals.

Easy Deliveries

Never schlep TP again. We'll send right to your door.

instant wet Wipe

Our eco-friendly alternative to wet wipes Magically transform toilet paper into an eco-friendly cleansing experience. Unlike traditional wet wipes, no trees or pipes will be harmed in the process. Your booty will feel (and smell) like magic.

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Tree Free TP

Made with 100% bamboo. Big Toilet Paper is literally flushing our forests down the drain. 27,000 trees are chopped A DAY in the USA alone to make toilet paper. Bamboo is super soft, 100% renewable and helps remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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Yay! We're taking orders! First shipment "rollin' out" in April!