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Bippy Bamboo Toilet Paper - Bippy bamboo toilet paper

Bippy Bamboo Toilet Paper


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24 premium rolls. 250 sheets. 3-ply.

🌲100% Tree-Free
♻️Certified Carbon Neutral

☁️ It's like wiping with a cloud. Super smooth, lint-free and naturally hypoallergenic. Your butt will love it. Your order helps save precious trees from getting flushed down the drain.

Big toilet paper production wipes out 27,000 trees per day just so we can wipe our dirty butts? Not on our watch. We want to bring that number to zero with our bamboo toilet paper. Bamboo is a grass and is the fastest growing wood producing plant on earth.

Bippy has two sides, a grippy side that deep cleans and a smooth side for dabbing dry. Both sides are totally lint-free and durable.

100% Bamboo

No Trees Used


No Lint

Premium Softness

3-Ply Sheet

100% Biodegradable

& Renewable

🍑 Help save trees with your butt

Conventional toilet paper requires 1.5 pounds of tree pulp to create a single roll, which we think is silly. A Bippy roll requires zero tree pulp.

☁️ 3-ply, 250 sheets double roll

Each roll is made up of triple ply sheets that are super soft on skin, lint-free and durable for even the most epic wipes.

♻️ Breaks down fast

Bamboo is an eco-friendly material that is rapidly biodegradable! That means that this environmentally friendly toilet paper won’t clog pipes or contribute to waste build up in our landfills.

🌳 Plastic-free rolls

We’re doing our part to help save the planet, which is why we do not use plastic to wrap our toilet paper. Instead they are wrapped in FSC-certified colorful wrappers.

🌱 Made from pure bamboo

Our bamboo toilet paper is made from silky-strong bamboo fibers that create a soft, soothing sensation for your butt and bits.

🌈 Naturally hypoallergenic

Bamboo is a hypoallergenic material that is great for people with sensitive skin.

☁️Silky soft on skin

Bamboo creates some of the most luxurious fabrics around the world due to its natural cooling ability. Lint-free and silky-smooth to the touch, you’ll love going to the bathroom with this kind of toilet paper in-hand.

🙌 FSC-Certified

Our sustainable toilet paper is made from FSC-certified bamboo farms in China where bamboo grows wild without the use of pesticides or fertilizer.