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Bippy TP Foam

đŸšœ Decree From the Porcelain Throne: Wet Wipes are Out, TP Foam is In

  • 1 min read


The days of choosing between cleaner and greener in your bathroom routine are OVER. Bippy Toilet Paper Foam is changing the way you clean your behind for fresher cheeks with less impact on trees and your sewer system than a regular wet wipe.

How Bippy Works:

Simply apply the foam to your regular toilet paper and use it as you would a wet wipe. Instead of a slimy, not-so-flushable wet wipe, you’ve transformed your toilet paper into a lathered up cleaning machine– that can ride the waterslide after you “drop your kids off at the pool.” It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it (better):

  • 1. Deep Cleansing

      Bippy Foam ensures a level of cleanliness that dry toilet paper can't match.
  • 2. Skin-Friendly Ingredients

      The formula is enriched with natural extracts and is free from harsh chemicals, making it ideal for sensitive skin.
  • 3. Sustainability

      By replacing up to 100 wet wipes with each bottle, Bippy significantly reduces waste and environmental impact.
  • 4. Cost-Effective

      Compared to buying wet wipes, Bippy Foam offers a more economical option without sacrificing quality or convenience.
  • 5. Customer Testimonials

      Users praise Bippy Toilet Paper Foam for its effectiveness, highlighting how it has improved their bathroom experience while aligning with their values.

Don’t Settle for #2 when you’re taking a #2: Bippy Toilet Paper Foam is embracing more than just your bottom– it’s hugging trees, it’s taking it easy on the sewers and waterways, and it’s doing it with a smile. Make a simple switch for squeaky clean cheeks, happy trees, and royal treatment when you’re on the throne.