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Is Bamboo toilet paper soft?

Is Bamboo toilet paper soft?

Is Bippy bamboo toilet paper soft? YES! It's a different kind of soft, smooth-ride. Let us explain.

 It's like wiping with a cloud. Super smooth, lint-free and naturally hypoallergenic. Your butt will love it. 

Bippy has two sides, a grippy side that deep cleans and a smooth side for dabbing dry. Both sides are totally lint-free and durable.

The way bamboo toilet is made is similar to regular toilet paper except instead of chopping down trees and processing them with toxic chemicals and bleach, bamboo is harvested (without eroding the soil or killing the root so it can regrow) and then sent to a pulp mill. 

The mill breaks down the sustainable bamboo plant into tiny fibers and add the fibers to hydrogen peroxide mixture that turns them into a bamboo pulp. Once the fibers have been turned into pulp, they soak, press, and form the pulp into the actual paper. 

Since Bippy's bamboo toilet paper doesn't require fillers like some standard toilet paper it's lint-free and smooth. You wont find tiny fibers stuck to your butt cheeks.

Bamboo toilet paper is both soft and thick, which gives you the most comfort and all the absorbency you need.

As far has eco-friendliness goes, bamboo toilet paper and 100% recycled toilet paper – as opposed to only 30% or 40% recycled paper – come out on top. 

As far as comfort goes, bamboo toilet paper is softer than recycled toilet paper in 90% of our surveys and reviews.